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Event Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions aim to protect all parties through a better understanding of contractual and legal obligations of both client and venue when confirming a booking.

Definitions: The ‘Mansion’ and ‘We’ means the property for which the contract is agreed, Nanteos Mansion.

The property is owned by Plas Nanteos Ltd. The ‘Client’ and ‘You’ means the organising body/company and organiser responsible for commissioning of and paying for the event.


  1. All bookings are considered provisional until a completed booking form and deposit has been received by the Mansion and confirmation of the booking has been despatched. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions laid out here. Once the booking terms and conditions are signed and confirmation sent by the Mansion, this will then constitute a legally binding contract.

  2. Prices quoted are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate

  3. All bedrooms allocations must be finalised by the Client 30 days prior to the event.

  4. A non-refundable booking fee of £2,000 for a two day package/£1000 for a one day package is required to secure the booking. Thereafter the Client becomes liable for the balance of the cost, which must be paid no later than 14 days prior to the event by cheque, bank transfer or debit card.

  5. In the event of a cancellation less than 20 weeks before the specified date of the event, Plas Nanteos Ltd reserves the right to impose the following cancellation charges: 20 weeks to 12 weeks in advance – 40% of the total price; 12 weeks to14 days before the Event – 75% of the total price; 14 days before the Event – 90% of the total price; All cancellations must be made in writing to The Mansion.

  6. In the unlikely event that it proves necessary for the Mansion to make a change or cancel the booking, unless due to lack of payment from the Client, we will refund to the Client any monies paid by the Client in full and shall be under no further obligation or liability in this respect.

  7. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke any bookings from parties which may in their opinion be unsuitable for the Mansion and the Client will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.  Should guests act in an improper or disorderly way, or refuse to comply with reasonable requests from our staff, Nanteos Mansion reserves the right to terminate your event. Should this occur, no monies will be refunded to you and the manager’s decision is final.

  8. Nanteos Mansion needs to be advised of the estimated number of guests and menus required 30 days prior to the event and final numbers must be given 14 days prior to the event and must not be exceeded on the day.

  9. Guests must comply with all regulations concerning licensing, fire, health and safety.

  10. Nanteos Mansion will be liable to you and your guests for injury, loss and damage only where and to the extent we have been negligent. Otherwise there shall be no liability whatsoever. We regret that we cannot be responsible for the security of your property although we will do our utmost to look after it.

  11. We reserve the right to cancel the booking should the balance of cost remain outstanding 7 days prior to the booking start date.

  12. Nanteos Mansion reserves the right to approve any external entertainment, services or activities arranged by the Client.

  13. The Client will be held liable for any loss or damage to Nanteos Mansion’s property, furnishings, fixtures and fittings or for injury to anyone including the Mansions staff arising as a consequence of the booking.

  14. Nanteos Mansion strongly recommends taking out adequate insurance to cover the cost of cancellation and other liabilities.

  15. Alcohol is not permitted on to the premises without prior agreement from Plas Nanteos Ltd and will then incur a corkage charge.  Unauthorised alcohol contrary to these terms will incur a penalty corkage of £250.00

  16. Exclusive use for a 1 day package will commence at 12pm day of the event, check in to rooms cannot be guaranteed before 3pm.

  17. Exclusive use for a 2 day package will commence at 12pm day prior to the event, check in to rooms cannot be guaranteed before 3pm.

  18. Check out will be at 11.00am.

  19. Civil Ceremonies held at Nanteos Mansion are able to commence from 12.00pm.

  20. Nanteos Mansion only allows natural petals or recycled non dyed paper as confetti, which can only be thrown on the lawn or entrance steps. If confetti is thrown anywhere other than the lawn or entrance steps, i.e indoors, a £150 cleaning charge will be applied.

  21. If Nanteos Mansion are to accept guest payments directly for bedroom hire we can only charge guests up to £150 per room per night, bed & breakfast

  22. Please note that Nanteos Mansion cannot take different payments for bedrooms, we can only charge one price for all the rooms in the Mansion. These payments are paid for on departure unless paid by the main account, wherapon they will be fully pre-paid 14 days prior to event

  23. The Mews House is not included in any package, however, if available can be let for a maximum of 8 guests.

  24. Insurance – We recommend that you obtain insurance for your event

  25. These conditions shall be deemed accepted by you at the time you complete the booking form.

COVID-19 Clause


Both parties acknowledge the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in the UK and accept their obligation to comply with any official guidance from UK Government. The parties agree to communicate without delay any issues they may have in performing their obligations under this agreement. You [organiser] acknowledge that COVID-19 may require us to take one or more of the following measures for the safety of our staff and the safety of delegates attending the event to which this booking relates:


(i) impose maximum guest numbers at the event; 

(ii) limit food or drink availability;

(iii) impose specific requirements regarding personal protective equipment such as the wearing of masks;

(iv) restrict the numbers of overnight stays if applicable; and/or

(v) limit any planned entertainment for your event;

(vi) designate alternative entrance and exit routes.


In some circumstances we might consider revising your booking fee.

If we are obliged due to specific Government restrictions, to close our venue, we may offer you an alternative date for the event but if that cannot be agreed the booking will be deemed cancelled and your deposit will be returned in full with no further payment required.


If you are unable to provide the agreed guest numbers because of infections or travel restrictions, then we will offer you either a proportionate reduced fee for the event or agree to cancel the booking and return your deposit and any additional sums already paid less any fees incurred by the venue along with a nominal administration fee. 


If guest numbers decrease below 70% of the contracted number (notified by the organiser in writing a minimum of 14 working days prior to event), we reserve the right to cancel the event.


I / we have read and understood the conditions referred to above and in signing this document agree to be bound by the terms and conditions referred to in the above document:-

Photographic Rights:- Many events are delighted to share with us photographs that they are happy for us to use in marketing material for the property, however for us to be able to use photography from your day we require your specific permission. Please select one of the two statements below:-

Thank you for signing your Terms and Conditions, you will receice a confirmation email shortly

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