Nanteos vs Covid-19 update 26th October 2020

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

‘Déjà vu’ springs to mind, although possibly not quite phrase as this implies a feeling of having experienced the present situation before. The fact is we have experienced it before as we are all too aware. Following the closure of businesses in March of this year I am sure few expected to be in a Lockdown again in Wales some 7 months later. Call it what you like, Fire Break or Circuit break it is still in effect a Lockdown for businesses and individuals alike. Having taken all precautions to become a COVID Secure venue we reopened with some caution and experienced incredible support, Thank you. With the renewed confidence of guests, couples relieved that weddings could now proceed, albeit with reduced numbers, both we and our suppliers were filled with cautious optimism. Our Industry colleagues had in the main also invested in precautions, updated procedures and were likewise optimistic.

Like all businesses we were inundated with new regulation that changed on a weekly basis. In many respects the devolution of responsibility in a National crisis to me seems to have added confusion that could have been avoided. That is my personal opinion of course.

As you can imagine we spent much time pouring over the changing information and interpreted it such that the safety of our staff and guests remained our number one priority.

Having said all this, the virus would appear to be in the second wave predicted some months ago and the Senedd have introduced the current measures to address the situation. Unfortunately we have already been advised that there is likely to be another Lockdown early in 2021.

So we are where we are. As things now stand we will reopen Nanteos on the 9th of November and for the foreseeable future look forward to welcoming you on your return with our customary warmth. The autumnal colours of the Estate trees are as magnificent as ever and the Swans remain on the lake seemingly content

As things now stand we are looking forward to our postponed event of a socially distanced French Trilogy, where we will be working with our friend and colleague Thibauld Courtoisier (one of the winning pair on Bake off the Professionals 2020) to delight diners with 5 exceptional desserts following a seasonal starter and main course at our Estate evening and Pudding Club. Thibault will feature again with two sittings of French Connection afternoon teas.

I sincerely hope that you and yours remain safe and wish you all well.

Best wishes


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