Nanteos vs Covid-19 update 18th September 2020

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

Still it goes on. With the rise in positive tests for the dreaded virus the UK Government and Senedd have introduced further restrictions with several areas being placed into localised lockdown or increased restrictions. We have reassessed risk and placed more safeguards where necessary.

Our decision to keep the restaurant closed has been generally well received under the circumstances. Not the best decision financially for us perhaps, but our commitment to staff and guest safety has been welcomed. If as we believe there will be another lockdown or further restrictions for restaurants and bars in the near future, thenour decision would seem to have been the correct one. We have received a few negative remarks, but more so as a result of the information on booking confirmations not being clearly understood, and so we have now placed it top of the list for subtle emphasis!

The restrictions also resulted in our having to postpone our French Trilogy, a collaboration with our friend and colleague Thibauld Courtoisier who was one of the winning pair on Bake off the Professionals 2020, and who is to delight diners with 5 desserts on our Estate evening and Pudding Club, and then again with two sittings of French Connection afternoon teas. Hopefully more so watch this space. These events sold out in 2 hours of advertising!

We are pleased that a number of staff have undertaken and successfully completed a Coronavirus in Hospitality Awareness course. We are a COVID secure premises and intend to stay as such.

May I take this opportunity to advise potential visitors who may be travelling from an area where a localised lockdown has been declared to postpone their visit. Equally if you already have a booking with us, but your locality has come under restriction from travelling, do please get in touch with us and we we will be delighted to rearrange your dates of stay.

As usual we look forward to welcoming as many people as possible whilst abiding by the restrictions in place and following Government guidelines.

Best wishes


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