Covid 19 Pre Arrival Questionnaire

Please complete this form 48 hours prior to arrival and then press the submit button. This form will be retained along with your contact information for a period of 28 days to comply with the obligations under the Track and Trace program in relation to Covid 19.


Failure to complete the form and submit prior to arrival could result in your reservation being refused on arrival. 

Q1 - Have you or any of your party travelled to any of the countries affected by Coronavirus in the past 14 days? (please visit for affected countries list).
Q2 - Have you or any of your party been in close contact with anyone who has travelled within the last 14 days to one of the affected countries?
Q3 - Have you or any of your party shown any of the following symptoms since returning from those countries? Or have you suffered from any of the below symptoms in the past 14 days whilst at home. Please tick below to indicate the symptoms you have had.
Q4 - Have you or any of your party had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19 within the last 14 days?

I understand that if I have answered yes to any of the above questions the property reserves the right to cancel my booking and retain my non refundable deposit to be used against a future date.


I understand that the use of the facilities of the property is at my own risk and that I am responsible for following government recommendations in regard to keeping safe.

In the event a guest displays symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival or subsequently during their stay at Nanteos we can reasonably believe that they pose a health and safety risk to other guests and our staff. In this case we shall refuse to accommodate such a guest.

I have read my confirmation letter and understand the instructions given within my confirmation letters.